Do you travel? Are you available for destination weddings?
Yes.  In fact, we own specialized cases for all of our equipment specifically made for airline travel.

Who chooses the music? 
Selecting music that suits the couple, the wedding, and the overall tone of the day is an art form in itself.  Generally we choose all of the music for our films but we are always open to suggestions. 
We use legally licensed music for all of our clients.  

When will we get the finished product? 
Typically final delivery takes about 12 weeks. Delivery times can vary based on the time of year.

ow will a third videographer affect the quality of the final film?

In the video and film production world a three camera minimum setup is the standard for live events. One camera is used as a wide shot while the other two cameras are used for medium shots and close ups.  A third camera shooting from different angles not only adds to the level of production but also ensures that every precious moment is captured. 
A third videographer will not only provide additional coverage and angles, but will also allow us film reaction shots of your family and friends during those key moments. Multiple videographers also allows for the bride and groom preparations to be filmed simultaneously and at different locations.  

I saw a lower price, why are your prices higher?
Compared to other companies in terms of quality and service, we know that we are giving you the best possible price.  We have yet to find (and we've looked) a company that can match what we have to offer.  There are many people on the internet advertising extremely low prices for wedding photography and videography.  The old adage "you get what you pay for" holds particularly true in the wedding industry.  We use top of the line cameras, lenses, and audio equipment.  Our least expensive package uses around $25,000 worth of field equipment not to mention the cost of our editing suite, insurance, payroll, advertising, etc.  It takes a minimum of 40 hours of editing to complete each film in addition to the time spent at your wedding.  We understand that everyone is working with a budget.  Please keep in mind that we consider our films to be an investment.  The food, the flowers, the entertainment; in fifty years none of these things will matter while your wedding film will remain priceless.

I saw a higher price, why are your prices lower?
There are some high end boutique wedding photography and videography companies that do amazing work with equally amazing prices.  You're investing in a wedding film not buying a car. 

What type of cameras do you use?
We shoot primarily with Canon 5D Mark IIIs accompanied by a collection of Canon L series lenses and Cinema Lenses.  We also have other cameras at our disposal such as the GoPro Hero Black for specialty and aerial shots.

What about Audio?
We use professional industry standard Sennheiser wireless lavalier condenser microphones.  Depending upon the specifics of your ceremony, one wireless microphone is used on the groom and another is potentially used on the Officiant, Minister, Priest, Rabbi etc.   The wireless microphone on the groom also picks up the voice of the bride.  In addition to wireless microphones we use camera mounted condenser microphones to pick up any other sound in the room.  If the venue has a sound system, we will record a feed directly out of their sound board as well.
During the reception we use camera mounted condenser mics and we also record a feed directly from the DJ or band to capture clean audio of the introductions, toasts, music etc.

Does the Bride wear a microphone?
Never.   We wouldn't dream of distracting anyone from her beautiful dress.

How long will the Groom have to wear a microphone?
Only during the ceremony.

How big is the microphone and will it be seen?
The microphone itself is slightly smaller than the head of a Q-tip.  We place the microphone on the groom's lapel for maximum effectiveness and minimum unsightliness. 

I said something that some might consider inappropriate while I was wearing a mic.   Will you edit it out?
Yes.  We are very sensitive in our editing process. 

Do you interview our guests?
Only by threat.  This is not our style.  We want to capture you and your guests enjoying the beautiful day which you've created.   

Do you use lighting?
Picture this, Aunt Rose is having a great time on the dance floor until someone shoves a bright light and camera in her face.  In our experience, guests tend to either ham it up to the camera or become uncomfortable.   We prefer neither of these outcomes.   We've invested in top of the line cameras and lenses specifically for low light environments.  We use subtle, off camera lighting during key moments of your reception.