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Hi Michael, Just got back from our Cruise.  The trailer is absolutely beautiful.  You have out done yourself.  We love it!!!!!!
We also wanted to say a big thanks to you and your staff.  You did an amazing job, and we can tell you love what you do. We are so grateful and thankful we found someone who cares so much about preserving our memories. 
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
Thanks again!
Chris & Aisha

"I'm speechless!! Overflowing with tears of joy!
I'm so touched and deeply moved by the most amazing wedding video I've ever seen.
The most beautiful expression of beauty, joy and love!!
I can watch this over and over and over, again. It's spectacular!!

-Eva-Lynn Loy (Mother of the Bride)

"Michael went above and beyond on our wedding day.  It was perfect and he captured it beautifully.
After drying my tears, I give 100% endorsement that you will be satisfied with his work!!!"
Matt Hagmeier

"That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Amazing to see such happiness.
And the day was captured perfectly. Love it!!!"

-Tracy Freedenberg (Sister of the Bride)

"Ian and I could NOT be happier with our video. You truly are amazing!!
Thank you again for the gift of a lifetime. We will cherish our video!"

-Elizabeth Madden (Bride)

"Oh my God I have no words to express my love for this video!!!
I didn't even realize this was happening....barely saw a videographer. Who is he? Can he come to the Berkshires?
I'm not kidding. I cant get married without this man's work."

-Stephanie Carter

"I am crying big giant crocodile tears. So amazing and beautiful!"
-Deb Goldman

"I made it 26 seconds...then cried for the remaining 6 1/2 minutes"
-McKayla Marso

"This is a perfect, amazing and wonderful compilation of a beautiful day!"
-Allyson Gavaletz

"This is quite possibly the sweetest thing I have ever seen."
-Louise Geller

"What a tremendous couple and absolutely amazing video.  You can truly feel the love and happiness throughout"
-Scott Peeler

"Thanks so much for posting this beautiful video.
We have just watched it twice with smiles plastered on our faces!"

-Ellen Bernstein

"I don't even like wedding videos but this made me change my mind."
-Caitlin Sweeney

"THANK YOU! It's perfection!"
-Stephanie Carter (Bride)

"You have really outdone yourself...amazing!"
-Matthew Lydon (Groom)

"The absolute best wedding film imaginable!"
-Chris Francis (Groom)

"An absolutely genius work of art"
-Cari-Anne Lieberman (Bride)

"Amazing! Can I tell you how sad I am that you did not shoot my wedding. Such great stuff."
-Juliet Carter (Maid of Honor)